Perlage Commercial Pressurizer

Perlage Commercial Pressurizer
Item# PRC--400100

This simple looking assembly has the following characteristics:

- Medical grade regulator - Chrome regulator, sturdy, stain resistant and easy to clean - Preset to the exact pressure to maintain the original carbonation level in the champagne. - Preset tamper proof pressure setting - Coil hose that allows flexibility in a bar setting - Chrome gun, impact resistant and very durable - High flow rate for short fill times, typically 3 seconds or less - The entire system in food safe - The system is tested before shipping to be leak resistant

The commercial attachment can either hook onto a stand alone CO2 tank or splice into a soda gun system. With this attachment you can reduce the expense of using disposable CO2 cartridges.

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NOTE: This item is ONLY the part that attaches to the CO2 cylinder. Please buy the Splice-in Adaptor Kit if you are planning on splicing this assembly into a soda gun.