Perlage System® Commercial Version, 3 Enclosures

Perlage System®  Commercial Version, 3 Enclosures
Item# PRG-100200

The Perlage System® is a revolutionary new technology for preserving opened bottles of Champagne and sparkling wines. The Commercial version has 3 enclosures and 1 commercial pressurizer. We have found this to be a good configuration for bars and restaurants that want to offer a low, medium and higher brand alternative to their customers.

The pressurizer can either be spliced into a soda gun system or attached to a stand alone CO2 tank. When purchasing this item please note, if you intend to splice it into the soda gun you must get the Splice-in Adaptor Kit, item Item# PRC--400210

NOTE: If more enclosures are needed, you can add them by purchasing the individual ones: PSI-100100